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DNB QUESTIONS YEAR WISE JUNE 1994 1] .A 60 year old woman with rheumatoid arthritis is for THR.Discuss the anaesthetic problems and management. 2] .Discuss the various regimes for painless labour. 3] .Briefly describe the following:- .Myocardial preservation. B}.Preoperative management of DKA. C}.Caudal epidural anaesthesia in paediatric patients. D}.Myasthenia gravis Vs Myasthenia syndrome. E}.CVS effects of newer anaesthetic ethers. F}.Pulmonary complication of anaesthesia. G}.Difficult intubation. H}.Problems and anaesthetic management in burn patients. I}.Advances in CPR. J}.Regurgitation: causes and problems 4] .How would you investigate causes of increased bleeding during surgery? Give a brief account of various techniques employed to reduce bleeding. 5] .A 70 year old man with chronic emphysema on antihypertensive therapy has to undergo retro pubic prostatectomy. What are the possible complications and how will you manage the procedure? 6] .Br